We forget to create a life that will make us happy, we chase our dreams, we focus on the future that we forget to live the Now. We ignore the fact that time is ticking by, that we only live once and when all the days and months gone by we can never get them back.

I personally think that we all need to learn to live a life that feels good to us. Not just a life that looks good to others. We put on this mask and proceed to live our lives on a daily basis, and we forget that we are on automatic pilot. We focus on going to work and making money for the company we work for, making our bosses happy. But are we really happy? When we are tied on our desks 5 days a week 8 hours or so a day, then we rush to get home to rest and start over again the next day.

You, out there tell me how your usual week is like? Tell me your routine to make it to work the next day and the next. Tell me your dream vacation. Tell me over a cup of coffee, lets sit and talk, I’m going to listen.

So, for 2019 please plan on a vacation or time off work, even for a few days. It will surely do you good. Visit a loved one who is living on a different State. Check up on our aging relatives, spend time with them while we can.

I’m sure I will.

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