Take things slow…

I could feel his heart beat, his skin so closed to mine. I smile as he put his finger on my lips. So near yet so far, I wiggled I wanted to touch him. My hands are tied. The room dark. My heart racing, I spread my legs wide, to welcome him. To seduce him… but he wanted to take things slow… oh so much slow I could almost taste him.

I could almost taste him… -justme62

He whispered naughty words in her ear and it lit her on fire. She’s so hot for him she didn’t wait to remove her skirt – she just gotta have him right there right then.

Sell out…

Who are you right now… right at this moment? Do not tell me the past you, the future you but the You right now. Who are you? What do you believe in? Do you even believe in yourself right now?

Do you still have integrity? Do you stand for the things you believe in? Or are you just a sell out? You sold yourself to the big corporation that puts food on your table. You turn your head in the opposite way so as not to see what is going on in the corporate world.

You lost control of yourself… you even lost control of your judgement and your basic morals. I am ashamed of you. You forgot where you came from and you forgot what you stand for.

You are just as bad as they are. So please don’t walk around pretending you are more holly than them.


She’s brave and resilient

a rebirthed smile on a cold Spring soil

coming back for a new blooming season.

She’s beautiful with her yellow crown

and dazzling green gown, a perfect bloom indeed.

Her cheeks perfect and attractive inviting sweet kisses

from honeybees.

She’s a perfect queen with her yellow crown and dazzling green gown. -justme62 -photo by Maria Tyutina (pexels)


To lose is not an option

every gambler knows it

Maybe to hold you one more time

will send me to forever high

Maybe there’s a chance for me

to be found and not be forgotten

in this ever changing ever chaotic world.

And maybe if I don’t let defeat define me and my destiny, maybe I will learn to open

my doors and let you in. Perhaps you need me too, even if you can not admit it for some stupid reason you hesitate to share with me.

You see, I am not a total loss you just need to take a risk.

A place…

She came to revisit the place where her and her lover used to meet, a place where they used to profess their love for each other. A place where she felt love and joy is all around her. She came to revisit a place in her heart, not just a place situated in a sandy shore or a garden under a moonlit night.

It is a place she carries with her, a place the envelops her when she’s feeling tired, exhausted and lonely. Sometimes she finds herself, with tears of longing and sometimes she noticed herself smiling from reminiscing the past.

She came to revisit the place where she can be herself, where she feels peaceful and a place that welcomes her time and time again.