Broken heart disease

There is a big chance I will die of a broken heart disease

a disease where a licensed medical professional is not able to cure.

It is not pneumonia or hypertension… is just is a disease of a heart

that has been broken into fragments. It is a poet’s nightmare because

it is not easy to write or to capture in words. It is not contagious

because the disease is personalized to every victim. I hope I find cure

before I succumb to it.


A soulful wish to translate an empty canvas

into a full thriving life

walking carefully through the roads of today

until the dusk has said its last litany of the day.

I’ve let my lips get parched from thirst for life

for someone to open his arms and let me live in them.


Maybe it is not my sympathetic heart that failed us

I’ve slowly come to know the old and withered reason

why our relationship failed. It is because your other foot

was always out the door. You’ve never let yourself fully in.

Throughout our time the doorway to us has been always open to you.

To fully participate…maybe I was never good enough for you.

The chase

I trace fading footprints along the riverside

chasing the shadowy past with bated breath

hoping to get a slice of it that will give me

some needed closure.

I saw the branches of the trees, swaying with

the touch of a breeze. As if to send me a sign

to let it go.


You come to me in bits and pieces

a glimpse as fast as lightning

such fleeting moments in my dreams.

You speak to me in rainbows and moonbeams

I hear you on cloudy days in distorted language

of rain and thunderstorms.

You capture my attention like snowflakes hitting the window pane

You hold my heart so delicately in your hands and I long to see the depth of your soul.

Fleeting moments

Something more…

I build a wall around my heart

not wanting for it to get hurt

I surrounded myself with poetry

and wisdom only to find myself

wanting more…something more

to color my days and to stir my nights

I still wonder what’s inside the seemingly hollowed shell. Appears to be, shallow and unyielding, but I really think there is more to it than what’s in the surface. It may be just waiting to be discovered, and pry out of it’s lovely mysterious covering.

Empty shell

It saddens me to look at you now

your dark side left you living in a cave

an empty shell of the former you I used to know.

Your eyes has this permanent glaze that refuses

to focus on people that cares about you deeply.

It hurts me that you haven’t spoken in years.

You sit there in silence, most of the time you

blend in with the wall.You are right there but

you are missing.

It breaks my heart that I wasn’t there to help you.

figure things out about your illness until it was too late.

I am so sorry, I do not know how else to get through you.

You seem very far away and was gone a long time ago even before

we recognized the symptoms.

If only it is easy to erase you from my mind just like deleting a word I typed on my laptop. If only I could turn back time and hold my words in my tongue before saying them.

If only I could see you again, talk to you, hold you in my arms one more time. If only…