I can never let you go

holding your name upon my lips

my heart beats along the rhythm of your soul

my mind has never forgotten, how you made me

dance along the depths of my own symphony.

My body a prisoner of your melody

arching towards your magnetic pull swaying

with every stroke of your piano keys.

I can never let you go… I will sprout like

an unwanted weed in your backyard.

Stalking you, like an ivy climbing up your garden wall.

Social media the temptation is bigger than you think

it drives you nuts and makes you think that your life stinks

and the others has better life than you have.

Images of perfect body and perfect skin… strewn about on the screen

makes you look at yourself in the mirror with a smirk.

Questioning your own image and second guessing each other’s

true intentions. So, take it easy before it makes you crazy.


Your always late when we are going to meet

you are always complaining of anything under the sun

Lately i’m not sure anymore of my place in your life

because you seem to complain about everything…

I’m worried that you may be complaining about me too.

If you are unhappy with me… let me go. I am an adult

I can handle rejection.


You, sitting across me both of us trying not to stare at each other. Some fleeting glances here and there, some moment sifted through the air. If I could only run and hide to my deepest, darkest lair.

Funny, how we conceal each other’s feelings how we both go through so many intricate ways of hiding under the mask.

I blush just the thought of you learning what goes through my mind when I’m thinking of you. I think I better sit somewhere else.

Here I go again, swimming in my own tears

an overflowing river of self-loathing, self-pity

and all mixed-up of twisted feelings.

It’s a lonely river… a roller-coaster ride

to & from hell.

I’ve been on this river before and so I am familiar

with it’s twists and turns. I always tell myself to buckle up

because I don’t see myself getting out of this river anytime soon.

Strange how our seasons are completely opposite… I had the pleasure of waking up to a fresh-baked bread and a robust cup of coffee that a puts a smile on my face … while you are pouting like a grumpy old duck.

One step at a time

I didn’t know I still have a chance

to see the brightest smile on your face

I didn’t know how truly you appreciate

how I made you feel until you told me.

I didn’t know how deep your feelings toward me

until you told me so.

I know we will be working towards getting

to know each other one step at a time.