Letting go

kiss the rain

the sliver of light

that bounces back

in the window.

touch the breeze

with renewed enthusiasm.

listen to the silent grave

under the deep blue sea

let go of the battles you fought in silence.

A Place

I drifted into a place

where everything sounded

like a cry.

A beg for mercy

sounded like a cry for more.

I drifted into a place

where everything sounded

like a cry.

Where an apology sounded

like a failure to acknowledge the

hands that fed me when I can’t.

I drifted into a place

where everything sounded like a cry.

A wail of sheer agony

perforates the heart

induces tears to flow

and I fell to my knees

tired and beaten.

Drifting into a place into an abyss…


I ask myself what is in tomorrow that can attract me beyond today? I have not seen much of you lately and it kills me, it kills knowing you are around but unreachable. Often I ask myself what is there holding me to look forward to tomorrow when I am more likely to see the sunset without you?

I listened to the wind, watched the setting sun but there’s only silence from you. My beating heart is craving for another. It is longing, for your heart beat, for your touch and is longing for you to love me back.

This morning…

Back from a short break! Flew in this morning from a short but lovely vacation. Right now am trying to get re-acquainted with the weather.

So, how is everyone? If I may ask.

As for me I’m exhausted but I’m happy and rejuvenated spiritually and my soul is excited to be able to write and read again. This is another Sunday for me, sitting at home and thinking of stuff to write about.


There is life in silence, there is sound where no life is found

life is not silent, it is loud, it is a bus you ride home bound

to take you to your personal journey.

There are sounds in the littlest of things, inviting you to pay attention and to heed the sound of it’s silence. It is upon us to find our silent journey to take us home.


You bring fresh snow to the ground

like cotton balls of renewed hope.

Untying my hands and my mind

letting me breathe again. Sending rain

in Spring like a reinforcement of

your undying love.

You give me Summer to let me know

you haven’t forgotten your promise

of eternal devotion.