Feed your desire

every chance you get

Focus on the illusion

of your want

Ignore the white noise in your head

keep feeding your desire

the fire that gets you going…

Do I know You?

A shiny mirror facing me, like an invisible audience peeking through

I’ve forgotten the lines on my forehead, the blemishes on my cheeks

the thin lines under my eyes, now staring back at me.

As if to remind me, that I’m continuously aging as I write these

words on a stark white paper, so perfect, so absent of

blemishes and imperfections.

I wanted to ask this person staring back at me in the mirror

do I know you? Have we met before? Are you happy? or are you just

floating around like the dusts in the air.

I stared at my legs, have they been a part of me? Have I neglected them? Have I taken them for a long walk lately?

This person in the mirror seems familiar but also seems strange.


It came to me in the silence of the night

a bright vision born under a starless sky.

A magic trick to steal my heart.

With its cunning smile and bright sapphire shine

its tall silhouette and mystic ways.

How it seduced me to get me wrap-up in its arms.

I could just keep drinking in its seductive lake

of floral mist and dusty rose a musky scent

lingering in the air.

Like a ghost

I fade into a cloud of smoke

like a ghost no one could see me

a transparent being.

And voiceless I stood in the doorway

desperately trying to be seen or heard.

I faded into oblivion, an old discarded furniture

my time has passed

replaced by a sleek firm distasteful piece of junk.

I faded into oblivion turned forgotten and alone

although tears run down my cheeks

I was left and tossed aside like a broken glass.


In the early dawn a poem was born

a spawn from lovingly sewn words

into a beautiful tapestry.

The flowers in the meadows speak poetry…

proudly presenting its colors with vivid display

of poetic words.

Then there are the stars brightly lit across

the otherwise darkened sky

gilding it with eccentric words

only poets could ever describe.

Learning to love yourself

Love comes in many forms, not just a romantic love but also a deep love and acceptance of oneself.

The most loving love story one can present to the world is learning to love myself, ourselves. Many times we take ourselves for granted, especially us single people.

Today, is Valentine’s Day and please send yourself something special, take yourself out to lunch or cook something especial for dinner tonight. Open up a bottle of wine or whatever spirits of your choice have a toast to yourself.

Better yet, take your drink outside in the garden sip it slowly and savor the nature, inhale some fresh air and start loving yourself. Appreciate yourself and be thankful that all these years you have yourself to rely on.

Happy Valentine’s day everyone!

A dream I can’t recall

I dreamt of a dream I can’t recall

All I remember is I was about to fall

Into a sinkhole as big as a wall

I dreamt of a dream I can’t recall

My lover and I had a fight

He gave my heart the biggest fright

He didn’t feel nothing at all and

I can’t feel no remorse not even

Slightly apologetic at all …

photo by Pexels

-Have you ever had a dream you can’t recall in the morning?