When did you say “always is too soon”

When did a flower learned to bloom

I think when the timing is right

then we will be alright

for today I can only say

the clock is ticking but I am not budging.


Siren blaring in the distance

too late to be up too soon to get up

restless mind running hundred miles a minute

with sluggish attempt to get out of bed

felt like a million years of dread

from last night till dawn.

Sunny sky

I watched the clouds sashaying above like a canopy

made of cotton candy…August will saunter in, in a few days

and butterflies will have a great party in the sunny August afternoon.

I can see the riverbanks from here and I know the trout are

having a fun time swimming in the cool summer water.

I can see everything beautiful the only thing missing

is kissing you under the sunny sky.