like a metronome, time is passing by

waiting by the phone for a significant ring

from an important person…

that may or may not call at all

my heart is beating fast, my spirit is down

clouds are heavy carrying threats of rain

I will walk away after tonight, leaving this

unfortunate night

this heart of mine can’t bear anymore pain

and I know you don’t care



Words spoken under the pale moonlight

Casually uttered in the night

Promises of flowers, wine and sheer delight

Then you give your smile along with your heart

With the expectations of his loyalty

What you may not know

Those words uttered under the pale moonlight

Are the cheapest baits to catch a fish

Another Sunday

Just had breakfast, and now having another cup of coffee. Contemplating on what to do. There is football on TV Dallas playing against Giants. There is possibility of going to the movies and seeing a Jennifer Lopez’s movie or Aquaman. I can’t seem to make up my mind.

Normally I will be out and about visiting local stores, but today i’m just not into going out and browsing the stores. Maybe I could just stay home and catch up on my reading.

What do you guys normally do on Sundays? I want to hear some comments, don’t be shy tell me.



The day is folding

the evening is spreading its wings

suddenly the pitter patter of rain drops

hitting the pavement

a steady and quick rhythmic

sound of precipitation

signaling the day’s end

I want to convince myself

that I love listening to its cadence

but I am not going to.

December clouds

I watched as the melancholy moon arose from the mediocre clouds

just another night alone upon a lonely sky

the moon attempted to question as to why is he perched upon

the clouds so high a solitary star on a bitter cold winter night

when no one bothered to reply he continued to watch the earth

while floating in the heavy dark December clouds