Feed it, fuel it, succumb to it. But the hunger doesn’t subside. It intensifies

needing, clawing on my sleek skin. With every arch of my back, he thrust even deeper. I could feel my velvety folds getting sleeker, but the hunger for more doesn’t stop. I met his thrust with my hips and my legs wide open to receive him. I can’t explain how much I want him. How much hunger for his lips and how deep my craving for him.

Working late

Nora decided to work late that night and get some things done and check it off her lists of things to accomplish for the office. As she glanced at the clock it was 10pm … time flew by she thought and she stood up to get her coat. She felt a slight ache on the ball of her feet, being in 3 inches high heeled pump for fourteen hours is no fun.

Grabbed her coat and walked the long corridor towards the elevator. She passed an office with the light still on. It is Ed’s office. The new hired account executive. She smiled and as she remembered the day she hired him to join their corporation.

She can still remember the Hermes ties he was wearing that day. This guy has quite of a taste she thought. She decided to know and say hello. She lightly knocked on his door and announced her name. “Ed… are you there? this is Nora” A sexy male voice replied and asked her to come in.

She opened the door and walked right in. She teasingly asked why working late. Ed smiled and replied…”same reason you why you are just about to leave”. She playfully invited him to join her for dinner. Her house wasn’t too far from their corporate office and Ed said yes.

The dinner was not so special in fact It was a hurriedly made salad and a quick spaghetti, but they obviously had fun putting the dinner together, that when it was finally ready, a bottle of wine was almost empty.

After dinner, Nora changed into something comfortable and sat closed to Ed on the couch and started flirting with him, shamelessly. It didn’t took too long for Ed to grab Nora’s head and kissed her passionately on the lips.

After an hour Ed left her house with a huge grin on his face. Obviously enjoyed the time with Nora.


woke up from a lucid dream

chasing your silhouette upon

my sleep deprived consciousness

laid there not wanting to move, not wanting

to lose the vision I just had.

I still miss you, your essence, your presence

and your soul comforting mine.


I can rest my head if I will surely know

that you are mine. But as of right now

I will be needing reassurance from you.

We both need sometime to be alone and so

if you need space… i’ll give you space.

You know where to reach me.


Sometimes I feel like i’m running out of time to do the things I haven’t done. Admitting that I procrastinated is a big step into undoing the damaged of procrastination.

Sometimes I feel like a child, helpless, needy and afraid to even stand-up for myself. Often times, I bite my tongue so as not to appear as a troublemaker. Often times i’m tired and most of the time i feel like i’m too afraid to fight.

Have you ever think for a moment that maybe there are things we are not good at and we ought to just give up the things we are not good at and move-0n?

Some nights my mind ventures out

to strange places … dark cavernous location

hidden from my consciousness, hidden from

beneath the façade I’ve learned to put on.

Some nights I’ve learned to seek the company

of bottled spirits to help me face the long lonely nights in solitude.

Someday I will learn to fly and soar above.

Inspite of my damaged wings.

Someday I will rise from the rubbles.

But for tonight, I’m in the company of my bottled friends.


Unsettling when I find myself waiting

muttered unsavory words under my breath, my lust for him consumes me

clouding my senses…All I can think of was the last night he was with me.

Drifts of honey flowing from between my legs, sweaty bodies, dimly lit room

and his scent…his masculine scent pushing my thoughts spiraling wildly like a brush fire

uncontrollably spreading within my senses.

Let me be

She laid there making her wildest imagination run amok . She was afraid to let herself

loose and let all her dreams evade her. She wanted for him to touch her, savor her and inhale her scent like those blooming flowers in the garden. Tonight, though she proceeded with guarded steps… she let her spirits run wild.


The brooding clouds brings forth resentment

towards things unreachable.

The rosy tasted of life

and the blossoming green in some people’s pocket.

I raise my glass every time I am able to pay bills.

I raise my glass when I see another morning.

Some said not to worry

let the Lord carry my burden

but here I am my back hurts from being over-loaded.