Ordinary Sunday

I actually should call it Back to basics Sunday… hahaha! There was a windstorm last night, It woke me up briefly, I heard clatters outside and I rolled over and I was fast asleep again.

This morning I woke up and decided to have a basic breakfast… a hearty breakfast of bacon & eggs. I got to the kitchen and noticed the stove light blinking and the microwave timer was blinking too. Oh…. Ok got it. Had power outage last night.

So while frying the bacon, I logged-in on Facebook and read so many of my friends complaining about the power being out and one of them even posted that he was woken up by the noise the wind made and had a difficult time going back to sleep. One complained about her cell phone not going to be fully charged.

I thought how people are attached to electronic gadgets that when something like power outage happens they get all anxious and worried that they are going to miss out on anything on TV or Facebook and some other social media they are in.

As for me, when I woke up the power was back and I was able to cook me some bacon and eggs. Ah life is simple, life is good! Basic breakfast and 2 cups of coffee and this girl is happy!!

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