Summer heat

I am a little anxious a little tired but i’m OK

just wishing I’m young again, running around with cute boys

not minding the summer heat at all.

Lately, I am craving for something more interesting

something like a delicious set of lips against mine

or having a stiff drink with someone who can have

a firm erection even at this age. I am craving I am wishing

for that man to materialize out of my wet dreams.

I am praying for another first kiss, for another first orgasm after all these years

I am old but am dead yet, I can still wish and pray and crave.

Rain hasn’t come along in quite sometime

making the secret garden bare and barren

quite thirsty for moisture that will somehow

lead to a sweet rupture of velvety petals

waiting for raindrops and dewdrops.

photo by justme62


woke up from a lucid dream

chasing your silhouette upon

my sleep deprived consciousness

laid there not wanting to move, not wanting

to lose the vision I just had.

I still miss you, your essence, your presence

and your soul comforting mine.

Some nights my mind ventures out

to strange places … dark cavernous location

hidden from my consciousness, hidden from

beneath the façade I’ve learned to put on.

Some nights I’ve learned to seek the company

of bottled spirits to help me face the long lonely nights in solitude.

Someday I will learn to fly and soar above.

Inspite of my damaged wings.

Someday I will rise from the rubbles.

But for tonight, I’m in the company of my bottled friends.


A soulful wish to translate an empty canvas

into a full thriving life

walking carefully through the roads of today

until the dusk has said its last litany of the day.

I’ve let my lips get parched from thirst for life

for someone to open his arms and let me live in them.

The chase

I trace fading footprints along the riverside

chasing the shadowy past with bated breath

hoping to get a slice of it that will give me

some needed closure.

I saw the branches of the trees, swaying with

the touch of a breeze. As if to send me a sign

to let it go.


You come to me in bits and pieces

a glimpse as fast as lightning

such fleeting moments in my dreams.

You speak to me in rainbows and moonbeams

I hear you on cloudy days in distorted language

of rain and thunderstorms.

You capture my attention like snowflakes hitting the window pane

You hold my heart so delicately in your hands and I long to see the depth of your soul.

Fleeting moments

I can never let you go

holding your name upon my lips

my heart beats along the rhythm of your soul

my mind has never forgotten, how you made me

dance along the depths of my own symphony.

My body a prisoner of your melody

arching towards your magnetic pull swaying

with every stroke of your piano keys.

I can never let you go… I will sprout like

an unwanted weed in your backyard.

Stalking you, like an ivy climbing up your garden wall.