Keep shining, you are the best star one could ever have

You can be every little thing you want to be or the biggest

thing you ever wanted to be. Keep shining your light

upon yourself and upon others. Remember… you have a

strong body and a strong mind. Keep shining!


He said “lets play princess and pirates where princess are being rescued by pirates because they are helpless and vulnerable”. I hesitated for a little bit to wrap my brain around what he said… Does he really think women are helpless? Does he really think women are vulnerable…?

Oh Geez! is this guy a male chauvinist? I hope not…because I really like him and because I want to see him often.

I seek asylum from myself

often hiding behind my poetry.

Desperately holding on to

the jagged edge

of my fragmented heart.

Constantly finding the strength to write wholeheartedly without fear of exposing every corner of my heart. -justme62


I follow the direction of intricate lines on your skin

just like a blind person fumbling her way through crowded streets

trying to cross to the other side.

I stare at your eyes the color of deep blue sea.

With each penetrating glances, I wish I could read your mind.

See the wonderful light of your soul

I want touch the silent groove of lines on your palm and feel the jagged edge

of your thoughts that sends shivers on my spine.

You, sitting in a comfortable silence while I rummage frantically

in my head trying to get to know you on a deeper level

desperately desiring your undivided attention.

Rummaging frantically in my head…trying to get your attention. -justme62 photo by Dana Tentis pixabay