You and I used to be

an intricate piece of

fabric held by a strong bond.

Now we are like a ripped tapestry

with worn out stitches

fibers and filaments

holding it together

tattered beyond repair.

Perfect Sunday

Thought I reblog this piece only because it is almost valentine’s day, and tomorrow is Sunday. You may want to think what to give her or him for Valentine’s day you may even make her breakfast tomorrow.

Over a cup of coffee

Making pancakes with him, such a fun activity most weekends he is here. Today, particularly he chose to be extra critical of my methods in making the batter. As if there are other methods to do a pancake batter. I rolled my eyes and continued with the batter while waiting for the pan to heat up.

Slightly annoyed, I poured the batter in the pan and as I placed the mixing bowl back on the counter, I felt his arms encircled my waist and felt soft sensual kisses behind my neck.

I smiled and just melted in his arms. I love the way he riles me up with his unusual way of getting to me.

Now, if I can only make him do the dishes without telling him tree times, It would be a perfect Sunday.

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Ramblin’ down the Highway

There he is ramblin’ down the highway

Driving his brand new top down Cadillac

With its trunk full of junk

When he’s driving her with the top down

He feels like a king of punk

Today she’s not in a good performing mood

He wanted to put her top down but

She just sits there all hung up

Top won’t go down, won’t go up

Just sits there all hung up.


I do not know how to sing the joy of life

all I know is how to bottle-up

my angst and start a strife.

To detest the kiss of father Winter

and how I longed for dear Spring.

To dance in the sun

and in the river I swim

celebrate my joy with the song I’d sing.

I do not know

what a joy seasons bring.

All I know is I found happiness

in the gift of flowers and fun in the sun.

Me, myself & I

Since Valentine’s day is around the corner, I cringe because for years and years I get to spend it alone. Yes!! alone. So I am thinking of ways to freshen up my on going spending valentine’s day alone series…hahaha!

So, here comes some idea… buy bouquet of roses for my self. That’s one idea perfect for someone single like me. Years ago, my aunt told me I shouldn’t wait for a man to buy me stuff, because I sure can afford to buy myself jewelry, or take myself to the movies or buy myself dinner. Since then I’ve been treating myself to those.

But this year, I think I want to do something especial for myself. So I am thinking of baking myself a cake for Valentine’s Day. Sure I can run to the bake shop and buy a cake for myself. But like I wrote… I want to do something special for myself, I’m going to bake a cake for me to me.

Because I want to celebrate me and myself and I want to celebrate singlehood, I want to continue embracing being single. Don’t get me wrong, it is not like I chose to be single, but since I have not found Mr. Right as of yet, I will continue embracing being alone.


As you kiss me under the pouring rain

I feel every drip of raindrops

sliding down my legs

slick, wet and warm

just the way I like it.

Gently, I parted my lips

to savor your kisses a little longer.

The rain poured heavier as we

drifted to another level.

Just another Sunday

Good morning everyone! Another Sunday and I am having my breakfast in a slow motion. No rush for the door as oppose to my Monday thru Friday sched.

Usually I am still in bed trying to get more beauty sleep but since I have tons of things to do today, I decided to get up and get going and do some writing.

Hoping everyone is doing well today, keeping warm from the blustery winter weather and savoring every moment.

I found really interesting ideas at the supermarket to prepare for today’s superbowl snacks. Looking forward to preparing them and planting my behind on the couch to watch the game.

But first, let me get done with breakfast. 🙂


Seek and you shall find

from here, there up to distant land

a very important quest

a vision you were searching

something you were missing.

Perhaps a place of refuge

a costly source of calm.

You wandered from the tallest mountain

to the bottom of the sea.

My friend if you start looking inside you

perhaps you may find the Peace you were seeking

because its been inside you all along.

‘Tis the weekend

As I sit in my dining room having a cup of my morning joe. I was thinking of getting some groceries and planning what to make for tomorrow’s meal while watching the Super bowl.

Grilling some meat is one of the very first thing came to my mind. Along with making a huge pot of chili, but wait a minute… this is the best time to make use of the oven, I could easily make a big pan of lasagna and have plenty of left overs I can take for lunch at the office.

Decisions, decisions, decisions… oh well I will just go to the grocery store and look for what I can buy for the budget I have.

I’m sure the guys will enjoy the game and the women… well, some of us will definitely enjoy watching the game. Some of us will really enjoy preparing the meal. I enjoy cooking and watching the game on the side.

‘Tis the super bowl weekend after all.

Enjoying the weekend as much I enjoy preparing the meal for super bowl weekend. -picture courtesy of Pexel