Maybe next…

Anxiously awaiting what the new year has in-store for us. As I drive towards the highway I see other commuters speeding next to me, leaving me behind as they drove faster than me.

Perhaps they know where they are going, perhaps their purpose in life is clearer than mine. Perhaps their job is more important than mine. Whatever it is … I am not here to compete I am here to find out what my purpose is, I am here to fulfill my dreams. Maybe not all of my dreams, but at least half of them.

Here it goes, second day of the year, let’s all work towards the fulfillment of our hopes and realization of our dreams. It is easy right? I know, I know… easier said than done. But we are all in this together.

As I pulled in my parking space, I walked towards my work building with renewed hope, with a willing smile because I know, God has given us another year to get it all done, to get it all right if not this year maybe next.

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