She’s brave and resilient

a rebirthed smile on a cold Spring soil

coming back for a new blooming season.

She’s beautiful with her yellow crown

and dazzling green gown, a perfect bloom indeed.

Her cheeks perfect and attractive inviting sweet kisses

from honeybees.

She’s a perfect queen with her yellow crown and dazzling green gown. -justme62 -photo by Maria Tyutina (pexels)


I do not know how to sing the joy of life

all I know is how to bottle-up

my angst and start a strife.

To detest the kiss of father Winter

and how I longed for dear Spring.

To dance in the sun

and in the river I swim

celebrate my joy with the song I’d sing.

I do not know

what a joy seasons bring.

All I know is I found happiness

in the gift of flowers and fun in the sun.

Curtain of clouds

As the winter sighs and the rain trickles down

the window pane

it will almost drive you insane

fret no more for in a few weeks

there comes a flower budding near the creek

before we know it the curtain of clouds will part

as the earth continues to breath life

and the new season arrives