The silence between you and I

cuts the air from my lungs

airways blocked by cinders and fallen debris

from the trainwreck that we were

What was a harmonious melody

only sour notes left

a distant sound barely audible

perhaps a sigh a gentle breeze

or a whisper from a dying ember.


There is life in silence, there is sound where no life is found

life is not silent, it is loud, it is a bus you ride home bound

to take you to your personal journey.

There are sounds in the littlest of things, inviting you to pay attention and to heed the sound of it’s silence. It is upon us to find our silent journey to take us home.


Winter commands silence

it has a unique beauty

that demands attention

an untrodden ground

blanketed by virgin snow.

A sight to see

silence and purity

not even a single crow perched on the tree

silence is the sound

winter a time for rumination

a time of standing still.

Of consideration of retreat

of melding together.