Some nights my mind ventures out

to strange places … dark cavernous location

hidden from my consciousness, hidden from

beneath the façade I’ve learned to put on.

Some nights I’ve learned to seek the company

of bottled spirits to help me face the long lonely nights in solitude.

Someday I will learn to fly and soar above.

Inspite of my damaged wings.

Someday I will rise from the rubbles.

But for tonight, I’m in the company of my bottled friends.


I died a million times

when you started hiding

your eyes from me.

I walked into the darkness

soothing my own pain.

Closed my eyes only to

blind me temporarily.

The westerly wind stirs the sail

of the melancholy boat.

I float, I float on the western sea

until the dark shrouded me.

A place…

She came to revisit the place where her and her lover used to meet, a place where they used to profess their love for each other. A place where she felt love and joy is all around her. She came to revisit a place in her heart, not just a place situated in a sandy shore or a garden under a moonlit night.

It is a place she carries with her, a place the envelops her when she’s feeling tired, exhausted and lonely. Sometimes she finds herself, with tears of longing and sometimes she noticed herself smiling from reminiscing the past.

She came to revisit the place where she can be herself, where she feels peaceful and a place that welcomes her time and time again.

Like a ghost

I fade into a cloud of smoke

like a ghost no one could see me

a transparent being.

And voiceless I stood in the doorway

desperately trying to be seen or heard.

I faded into oblivion, an old discarded furniture

my time has passed

replaced by a sleek firm distasteful piece of junk.

I faded into oblivion turned forgotten and alone

although tears run down my cheeks

I was left and tossed aside like a broken glass.