Stars may face in the day light but you know they are still in the sky

always the just in the background of the luminous sunshine.

I may be overshadowed by some chaotic moments in life…but i am

always going to be here.

Just as the stars in the sky.

Rain hasn’t come along in quite sometime

making the secret garden bare and barren

quite thirsty for moisture that will somehow

lead to a sweet rupture of velvety petals

waiting for raindrops and dewdrops.

photo by justme62


I follow the direction of intricate lines on your skin

just like a blind person fumbling her way through crowded streets

trying to cross to the other side.

I stare at your eyes the color of deep blue sea.

With each penetrating glances, I wish I could read your mind.

See the wonderful light of your soul

I want touch the silent groove of lines on your palm and feel the jagged edge

of your thoughts that sends shivers on my spine.

You, sitting in a comfortable silence while I rummage frantically

in my head trying to get to know you on a deeper level

desperately desiring your undivided attention.

Rummaging frantically in my head…trying to get your attention. -justme62 photo by Dana Tentis pixabay


You, sitting across me both of us trying not to stare at each other. Some fleeting glances here and there, some moment sifted through the air. If I could only run and hide to my deepest, darkest lair.

Funny, how we conceal each other’s feelings how we both go through so many intricate ways of hiding under the mask.

I blush just the thought of you learning what goes through my mind when I’m thinking of you. I think I better sit somewhere else.


I died a million times

when you started hiding

your eyes from me.

I walked into the darkness

soothing my own pain.

Closed my eyes only to

blind me temporarily.

The westerly wind stirs the sail

of the melancholy boat.

I float, I float on the western sea

until the dark shrouded me.


She, who is not afraid of danger

light in her feet, a dancer a phaser

as if she has wings to flutter away

somewhere safer than there.

He, who is addicted to the flutter of her dark eyelashes

palms always open to welcome her

when she returns.


Dreams aren’t made of feathers flying around lofty clouds

but what are dreams made of if not ice cream cones and candy canes

vanilla latte and mocha frappuccino? Dreams I supposed are made

of planning and creating the most intricate sand castles imaginable.Am I supposed to be asleep to have dreams? Am I supposed to be

angry, frustrated and lost to have my dreams come true?

All these good questions, all these bubbles going through my mind

made me a different kind of dreamer.

Continue dreaming until you achieve even one of them. -justme62

Thinking of you

Thoughts drift in the Autumn wind

sliding away like a swirling clouds

of dust on an unpaved road

thoughts drifted and landed

at your doorstep

knocked once, twice-then

drifted away.

Thoughts of you drift in and out of my head. Thinking of you on and off. -justme62