Feed it, fuel it, succumb to it. But the hunger doesn’t subside. It intensifies

needing, clawing on my sleek skin. With every arch of my back, he thrust even deeper. I could feel my velvety folds getting sleeker, but the hunger for more doesn’t stop. I met his thrust with my hips and my legs wide open to receive him. I can’t explain how much I want him. How much hunger for his lips and how deep my craving for him.


I wanna moan your name

gently into the night

while your lips burn mine

your scent take a permanent residency

on my bed sheets

your name inhabits

the very core of my body

the heat… oh the heat

I wanna moan your name gently into the night… -justme62 -photo by pixabay


Are like smoke, they travel slowly upward

permeating the air, occupying ones mind

like an itch you can’t scratch. Digs hole in your head

seeping through your fingers, slipping through

every crack of your jean pocket.

Sits on the chair in ones living room, stays there

until one tries to grasp it, try and grasp it and it will magically disappear.

Dreams Sometimes we struggle to find the meaing of our dreams or to grasp it and make it a reality. -justme62