My Love

I know you were petrified, scared of what was going on between us

So close yet so far, but my love… have you even thought of asking yourself

what did you need from me? what it was you wanted from me?

You ran out of here as fast as a bullet train traveled a thousand miles

So I guess this is good-bye my love

There are beautiful and perfect times in our lifetime

that comes only once.

Sorry you didn’t go on that bus…………..

My love


I can rest my head if I will surely know

that you are mine. But as of right now

I will be needing reassurance from you.

We both need sometime to be alone and so

if you need space… i’ll give you space.

You know where to reach me.


Sometimes I feel like i’m running out of time to do the things I haven’t done. Admitting that I procrastinated is a big step into undoing the damaged of procrastination.

Sometimes I feel like a child, helpless, needy and afraid to even stand-up for myself. Often times, I bite my tongue so as not to appear as a troublemaker. Often times i’m tired and most of the time i feel like i’m too afraid to fight.

Have you ever think for a moment that maybe there are things we are not good at and we ought to just give up the things we are not good at and move-0n?

Keep moving

And the world kept tumbling down

was tossed here there everywhere

all hell broken out and felt like it is the end.

How do you think one would keep themselves together.

Trying to make sense of what is going on in this confusing,

discouraging and scary world.

I say keep going anyway… don’t let things around you

discouraged you from moving on. Maybe someday things will be different.


Your always late when we are going to meet

you are always complaining of anything under the sun

Lately i’m not sure anymore of my place in your life

because you seem to complain about everything…

I’m worried that you may be complaining about me too.

If you are unhappy with me… let me go. I am an adult

I can handle rejection.


I was so sure of you and I but now, I am not even close to calling you

What if I made a mistake? What if you are not the one? My frustrations growing every minute and you are oblivious of all these feelings arising from me.

Doubting you, doubting us, doubting the world around us… You sit there looking happy and all. But I am not really sure if this is what you wanted all along. I feel like you don’t even know what do you want… you don’t even own your own decisions.

Yes… we are the children of darkness, and until we both know what we are looking for, what will make us see the light, what will make us happy… I think we need to part ways. Here now, the end of the road. I was sure early on but not anymore. I am human and you are too. This is good-bye. I am going this way and you need to go that way.

I don’t want to be the one…

I don’t want to be the one that breaks your heart

instead I want to be the one to hold and keep you

I don’t want to be the one to leave you, but I want to be the one who stayed

I don’t want to be the one to tell you what to do

after all these time, I thought that you were mine.

If you do leave…just please don’t slam the door.