This Daffodil

This daffodil wants to play

She wants to feel the sun on her skin

The rain on her hair, she wants to laugh with glee

Sugar, spice and honeybee. She wants the joy, the pain

and laughing in the rain.

She enjoys being spanked, or slapped or liking it rough.

She wants you and she wants you a lot. Think about that buster!!

Summer heat

I am a little anxious a little tired but i’m OK

just wishing I’m young again, running around with cute boys

not minding the summer heat at all.

Lately, I am craving for something more interesting

something like a delicious set of lips against mine

or having a stiff drink with someone who can have

a firm erection even at this age. I am craving I am wishing

for that man to materialize out of my wet dreams.

I am praying for another first kiss, for another first orgasm after all these years

I am old but am dead yet, I can still wish and pray and crave.

Rain hasn’t come along in quite sometime

making the secret garden bare and barren

quite thirsty for moisture that will somehow

lead to a sweet rupture of velvety petals

waiting for raindrops and dewdrops.

photo by justme62


Feed it, fuel it, succumb to it. But the hunger doesn’t subside. It intensifies

needing, clawing on my sleek skin. With every arch of my back, he thrust even deeper. I could feel my velvety folds getting sleeker, but the hunger for more doesn’t stop. I met his thrust with my hips and my legs wide open to receive him. I can’t explain how much I want him. How much hunger for his lips and how deep my craving for him.


Unsettling when I find myself waiting

muttered unsavory words under my breath, my lust for him consumes me

clouding my senses…All I can think of was the last night he was with me.

Drifts of honey flowing from between my legs, sweaty bodies, dimly lit room

and his scent…his masculine scent pushing my thoughts spiraling wildly like a brush fire

uncontrollably spreading within my senses.

Let me be

She laid there making her wildest imagination run amok . She was afraid to let herself

loose and let all her dreams evade her. She wanted for him to touch her, savor her and inhale her scent like those blooming flowers in the garden. Tonight, though she proceeded with guarded steps… she let her spirits run wild.


In my deepest slumber

I called upon the midnight ghost

letting my lips skipped the peripherals and went the necessities

to find the way right through you.

Through the dark shadowy thunderstorm filled night

reaching my arms toward yearning to sin

something my irreverent soul unequivocally needed.


I want my smile to capture his attention

I want to give it free no strings attached

I want my eyes to speak to his

as transparent as a crystal water

no guessing game

no shame no blame

Eye to eye, limb to limb I want to be as transparent as I can be. -justme62


You come to me in bits and pieces

a glimpse as fast as lightning

such fleeting moments in my dreams.

You speak to me in rainbows and moonbeams

I hear you on cloudy days in distorted language

of rain and thunderstorms.

You capture my attention like snowflakes hitting the window pane

You hold my heart so delicately in your hands and I long to see the depth of your soul.

Fleeting moments