The silence between you and I

cuts the air from my lungs

airways blocked by cinders and fallen debris

from the trainwreck that we were

What was a harmonious melody

only sour notes left

a distant sound barely audible

perhaps a sigh a gentle breeze

or a whisper from a dying ember.

My Love

I know you were petrified, scared of what was going on between us

So close yet so far, but my love… have you even thought of asking yourself

what did you need from me? what it was you wanted from me?

You ran out of here as fast as a bullet train traveled a thousand miles

So I guess this is good-bye my love

There are beautiful and perfect times in our lifetime

that comes only once.

Sorry you didn’t go on that bus…………..

My love

Rain hasn’t come along in quite sometime

making the secret garden bare and barren

quite thirsty for moisture that will somehow

lead to a sweet rupture of velvety petals

waiting for raindrops and dewdrops.

photo by justme62


Siren blaring in the distance

too late to be up too soon to get up

restless mind running hundred miles a minute

with sluggish attempt to get out of bed

felt like a million years of dread

from last night till dawn.

Sunny sky

I watched the clouds sashaying above like a canopy

made of cotton candy…August will saunter in, in a few days

and butterflies will have a great party in the sunny August afternoon.

I can see the riverbanks from here and I know the trout are

having a fun time swimming in the cool summer water.

I can see everything beautiful the only thing missing

is kissing you under the sunny sky.

Some nights my mind ventures out

to strange places … dark cavernous location

hidden from my consciousness, hidden from

beneath the façade I’ve learned to put on.

Some nights I’ve learned to seek the company

of bottled spirits to help me face the long lonely nights in solitude.

Someday I will learn to fly and soar above.

Inspite of my damaged wings.

Someday I will rise from the rubbles.

But for tonight, I’m in the company of my bottled friends.

Wish you were here

Tough day left me wiped out

leaving my nerves fried and frayed.

Wishing a high tide to come and wash them away

just like Autumn wind shedding the leaves

to let them grow again.

Shall I kneel to hope and pray

for better day to come

my mind spinning out of control.

Wish you were here to calm me down.

Wish you were here…


In my deepest slumber

I called upon the midnight ghost

letting my lips skipped the peripherals and went the necessities

to find the way right through you.

Through the dark shadowy thunderstorm filled night

reaching my arms toward yearning to sin

something my irreverent soul unequivocally needed.


I want my smile to capture his attention

I want to give it free no strings attached

I want my eyes to speak to his

as transparent as a crystal water

no guessing game

no shame no blame

Eye to eye, limb to limb I want to be as transparent as I can be. -justme62