This Daffodil

This daffodil wants to play

She wants to feel the sun on her skin

The rain on her hair, she wants to laugh with glee

Sugar, spice and honeybee. She wants the joy, the pain

and laughing in the rain.

She enjoys being spanked, or slapped or liking it rough.

She wants you and she wants you a lot. Think about that buster!!

A place…

She came to revisit the place where her and her lover used to meet, a place where they used to profess their love for each other. A place where she felt love and joy is all around her. She came to revisit a place in her heart, not just a place situated in a sandy shore or a garden under a moonlit night.

It is a place she carries with her, a place the envelops her when she’s feeling tired, exhausted and lonely. Sometimes she finds herself, with tears of longing and sometimes she noticed herself smiling from reminiscing the past.

She came to revisit the place where she can be herself, where she feels peaceful and a place that welcomes her time and time again.


There is life in silence, there is sound where no life is found

life is not silent, it is loud, it is a bus you ride home bound

to take you to your personal journey.

There are sounds in the littlest of things, inviting you to pay attention and to heed the sound of it’s silence. It is upon us to find our silent journey to take us home.