Siren blaring in the distance

too late to be up too soon to get up

restless mind running hundred miles a minute

with sluggish attempt to get out of bed

felt like a million years of dread

from last night till dawn.

Something more…

I build a wall around my heart

not wanting for it to get hurt

I surrounded myself with poetry

and wisdom only to find myself

wanting more…something more

to color my days and to stir my nights

Like a ghost

I fade into a cloud of smoke

like a ghost no one could see me

a transparent being.

And voiceless I stood in the doorway

desperately trying to be seen or heard.

I faded into oblivion, an old discarded furniture

my time has passed

replaced by a sleek firm distasteful piece of junk.

I faded into oblivion turned forgotten and alone

although tears run down my cheeks

I was left and tossed aside like a broken glass.