The brooding clouds brings forth resentment

towards things unreachable.

The rosy tasted of life

and the blossoming green in some people’s pocket.

I raise my glass every time I am able to pay bills.

I raise my glass when I see another morning.

Some said not to worry

let the Lord carry my burden

but here I am my back hurts from being over-loaded.


In my deepest slumber

I called upon the midnight ghost

letting my lips skipped the peripherals and went the necessities

to find the way right through you.

Through the dark shadowy thunderstorm filled night

reaching my arms toward yearning to sin

something my irreverent soul unequivocally needed.


I was so sure of you and I but now, I am not even close to calling you

What if I made a mistake? What if you are not the one? My frustrations growing every minute and you are oblivious of all these feelings arising from me.

Doubting you, doubting us, doubting the world around us… You sit there looking happy and all. But I am not really sure if this is what you wanted all along. I feel like you don’t even know what do you want… you don’t even own your own decisions.

Yes… we are the children of darkness, and until we both know what we are looking for, what will make us see the light, what will make us happy… I think we need to part ways. Here now, the end of the road. I was sure early on but not anymore. I am human and you are too. This is good-bye. I am going this way and you need to go that way.