Unsettling when I find myself waiting

muttered unsavory words under my breath, my lust for him consumes me

clouding my senses…All I can think of was the last night he was with me.

Drifts of honey flowing from between my legs, sweaty bodies, dimly lit room

and his scent…his masculine scent pushing my thoughts spiraling wildly like a brush fire

uncontrollably spreading within my senses.


You, sitting across me both of us trying not to stare at each other. Some fleeting glances here and there, some moment sifted through the air. If I could only run and hide to my deepest, darkest lair.

Funny, how we conceal each other’s feelings how we both go through so many intricate ways of hiding under the mask.

I blush just the thought of you learning what goes through my mind when I’m thinking of you. I think I better sit somewhere else.

Thinking of you

Thoughts drift in the Autumn wind

sliding away like a swirling clouds

of dust on an unpaved road

thoughts drifted and landed

at your doorstep

knocked once, twice-then

drifted away.

Thoughts of you drift in and out of my head. Thinking of you on and off. -justme62