Rain hasn’t come along in quite sometime

making the secret garden bare and barren

quite thirsty for moisture that will somehow

lead to a sweet rupture of velvety petals

waiting for raindrops and dewdrops.

photo by justme62

Forever in my memory

The spice that keeps you going

If I can not be the wind or the rain that makes the flowers grow

then let me be the stars that light up your way

If I can not be the sugar in your mouth,

then let me be the spice that keeps you going.

If I can not be your poetry, then let me tell

your story and you shall live forever in my memory.


I want my smile to capture his attention

I want to give it free no strings attached

I want my eyes to speak to his

as transparent as a crystal water

no guessing game

no shame no blame

Eye to eye, limb to limb I want to be as transparent as I can be. -justme62

Broken heart disease

There is a big chance I will die of a broken heart disease

a disease where a licensed medical professional is not able to cure.

It is not pneumonia or hypertension… is just is a disease of a heart

that has been broken into fragments. It is a poet’s nightmare because

it is not easy to write or to capture in words. It is not contagious

because the disease is personalized to every victim. I hope I find cure

before I succumb to it.


I ask myself what is in tomorrow that can attract me beyond today? I have not seen much of you lately and it kills me, it kills knowing you are around but unreachable. Often I ask myself what is there holding me to look forward to tomorrow when I am more likely to see the sunset without you?

I listened to the wind, watched the setting sun but there’s only silence from you. My beating heart is craving for another. It is longing, for your heart beat, for your touch and is longing for you to love me back.

Things between us…

These things between us

consumes me…

floors me in ways

beyond your imagination

the sunflower in me adores the sun God in you

You, always strong always confident and liable

Me, the delicate the ever shy flower in the

meadows… receptive of the strength you emit

these things between us a perfect combination

a perfect union, fate has ever created.


Every little things I used to own now strewn all over the place, glass bowls broke into small pieces. Just like my heart – broken into many little pieces I don’t even know where to start rebuilding or how to start rebuilding.

Unnerving to see what had happened to you and I – we are now what was. The aftermath of a torrid love affair that consumed as both. I still catch myself looking at your side of the bed, I still almost always set a place for you on the dinner table. I still stop myself from breaking down and I know I will have to be patient with myself.

I really need to move-on but I do not know how. For now I will remain patient and will remain kind to myself.

Just sharing how it feels to be heartbroken. The aftermath of used to be a very exciting love affair.