Stars may face in the day light but you know they are still in the sky

always the just in the background of the luminous sunshine.

I may be overshadowed by some chaotic moments in life…but i am

always going to be here.

Just as the stars in the sky.

One step at a time

I didn’t know I still have a chance

to see the brightest smile on your face

I didn’t know how truly you appreciate

how I made you feel until you told me.

I didn’t know how deep your feelings toward me

until you told me so.

I know we will be working towards getting

to know each other one step at a time.

A message to You from Me…

I may never own a perfect beach house, may never own an expensive car or a yacht-but I am true to myself, I am a loyal person and I love with all my heart and I am worth your time and worth your love and you should know that.


like a metronome, time is passing by

waiting by the phone for a significant ring

from an important person…

that may or may not call at all

my heart is beating fast, my spirit is down

clouds are heavy carrying threats of rain

I will walk away after tonight, leaving this

unfortunate night

this heart of mine can’t bear anymore pain

and I know you don’t care



Words spoken under the pale moonlight

Casually uttered in the night

Promises of flowers, wine and sheer delight

Then you give your smile along with your heart

With the expectations of his loyalty

What you may not know

Those words uttered under the pale moonlight

Are the cheapest baits to catch a fish