We often stumble and fall trying to find the true meaning of love. We look for it in books, we look for it in papers, we struggle to find the write words to say it or even the right words to say to the one we love.

We count on others to show us how to love, to open up their heart to us or even to give us the slightest clue that we are also loved and accepted by that particular person that make our heart skip a beat or two. We often wonder whether to believe the other person when they say the words ” I love you” to us. A whole lot of us, take a step back and get a stinging shock wave running through our head.

Because we can’t believe it that this person said those words, and often times we even distrust the other person. I really think there are many of us learned to be closed-up having our hearts locked-up in our chest that it sometimes can not feel or sense signal from the other person. We locked up our heart for fear of rejection for fear of getting it broken once more.

And often, we wonder around not knowing where to go, how to take this and we often wonder where we are going to find Love, The kind of love we struggled to find and often times we tell ourselves that maybe…maybe we are destined to be alone.

Are we looking for love in wrong places? Often times, we missed its calling.


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