‘Tis the weekend

As I sit in my dining room having a cup of my morning joe. I was thinking of getting some groceries and planning what to make for tomorrow’s meal while watching the Super bowl.

Grilling some meat is one of the very first thing came to my mind. Along with making a huge pot of chili, but wait a minute… this is the best time to make use of the oven, I could easily make a big pan of lasagna and have plenty of left overs I can take for lunch at the office.

Decisions, decisions, decisions… oh well I will just go to the grocery store and look for what I can buy for the budget I have.

I’m sure the guys will enjoy the game and the women… well, some of us will definitely enjoy watching the game. Some of us will really enjoy preparing the meal. I enjoy cooking and watching the game on the side.

‘Tis the super bowl weekend after all.

Enjoying the weekend as much I enjoy preparing the meal for super bowl weekend. -picture courtesy of Pexel

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