you never know

Many of us give our unsolicited advise to people when conversing with friends, coworkers, family members and even strangers we talk to at a check out stand at a local grocery stores. We say to them things like “go for it sign up for a cooking class, you never know you may meet your “Knight in a Shining Armor” . Some people also say things like, if I were you I will reconcile with my long lost friend… you never know when will be the   last time you are going to see them”…

Today I heard that one of my friends closest cousin passed away unexpectedly, and no matter how I try to wrap my brain around to understanding what happened to her, I also am grappling with the words ” you never know”.

From now on, I am going to start keeping in-touch with friends and family members from outer State, or even friends living forty miles away. I will make sure I talk or text with them, even once or twice a month. Because you never know…

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